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Monday, October 4, 2010

Renee & Ryan- Brookside Gardens Wedding July 9th

Eventually, maybe someday, I'll get better at this blogging thing. Until that day, I wanted to share another wedding from this summer. Ryan & Renee were married at an awesome new venue up north in Berthoud, Brookside Gardens. This place is just beautiful! With a full Aveda Spa right there on the property, we started by meeting the bride there. Afterward everyone headed to get ready in their great bride and groom suites upstairs. It was so nice having everyone so close by! My good friend Tyler was shooting with me and we just popped between the girls and guys while they were getting ready just a few feet away from each other.

Then we set up the first look. Now I know this is a debate for many couples. We've been told time and time again that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but does anyone know where this tradition came from? It's actually back from the days of arranged marriages! Weddings were business deals, and no one wanted any member to second guess the decision based on the looks of the other person, so no one saw each other until the ceremony! I don't know about you, but I feel like we've come a long way since then. ;) This moment is always so special between a couple. Not only do we set up a private very intimate meeting for the bride and groom, but I know that when I saw D on our wedding day, all i wanted to do was hug him! It would have relieved SO much stress if I could have just held him, been excited with him, told him how excited I was for our day! And that's what this moment was about. And I tell you what... not only do I feel like it doesn't take anything away from the moment the bride walks down the aisle (that moment is so amazing and emotional, seeing the bride before that doesn't change it), but none of my brides or grooms have ever regretted the decision to see each other beforehand. In fact, many of them tell me it was their favorite part of the day. Now I always let a couple decide what is best for them. It's their day! But I have to admit, I really love the first look. ;)

Does anyone recognize this kilt or this little girl? ;) This is my good friend's husband, Ben, and their daughter Emelia (click here for a few pics from her newborn session). Crystal was the amazing graphic designer one who worked for me in Glenwood and Ben actually got this kilt for their wedding! Now who wouldn't use a wedding as a good reason to dress up and wear your kilt! haha. Renee and Ryan are good friends of theirs and I have to thank Crystal for sending them my way! :) Emelia just cracks me up.

We were worried about the weather and dark skies and even had a few raindrops, but you certainly couldn't tell by the time we started the ceremony! It couldn't have been a more perfect afternoon! See, this is why you don't stress about the weather. ;)

After the ceremony we took a few more pictures around the amazing grounds at Brookside. I thought Renee looked absolutely stunning. Although Ryan busted out the blue steel a couple of times to show me he could definitely hold up to Renee. So really?... They are just stunning together... ;)

To Renee & Ryan: Thank you, thank you, thank you, for asking me to be a part of your day. I've really enjoyed getting to know you both! I know you'll have many years of happiness together!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liz & Dave- Engagement Photos in a Vineyard

I just love when a couple is really up for anything. Liz & Dave are definitely those kind of people. Although their wedding is planned for June of next year here in Evergreen, the two of them currently live in Grand Junction. I just happened to have a wedding scheduled for the end of August over on the western slope, so we set up a time to get together the day after the wedding!

We decided to meet at one of the many amazing wineries in Palisade, Carlson Vineyard. Not only do they make one of my favorite beverage treats ever, their Cherry Wine, but Dave's last name is... wait for it... Carlson! It was just way too fitting. After a little tasting and picking our favorites, the guys at Carlson were nice enough to let us wander out in the vineyard to take some photos. Not only that, but they encouraged us to taste a few grapes right off the vine since they were just ripening. What a treat! If you ever get a chance to check them out, you definitely should! The tasting room is open 7 days a week from 10-6. Or you can just buy the wine right off their website and enjoy it at home! :)

So even though we were battling some major wind that day, I think we got some pretty fun photos! Although, I guess there was one small incident with some ants. Apparently I placed Dave in the grass right on an ant hill and after a few pictures, all the sudden Dave burst up in the air, hopping and flailing about! I was so stunned, I didn't even get any pictures of it (which is now a definite regret). Ha! Dave had experienced that creepy crawly feeling to look down and see that both his pant legs and shoes were completely swarmed with ants. Once we got them off, we had a good laugh about it. Liz was standing right there with Dave and she didn't get a single one! Go figure. I think Dave thought I was a little crazy when I asked him to sit in the grass in a different spot. Haha.

After wandering through the vineyard for a bit, we headed down the road to one of the many orchards to check that out as well! The peaches were just ripening and looked amazing! We all went into one of the factories and ended up hand picking our own box of peaches! I believe we ended up with Sun Crest specifically after tasting a couple of different varieties, but it was a 22lb box! My husband and I split the box with Dave & Liz, but we have been enjoying peaches for about a month now and have just finally reached the end of our yummy stash.

Thank you so much to Dave & Liz for having a little adventure with us! I'm really looking forward to your wedding next June and with so many of the EverWedd crew involved, it's sure to amazing!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heather & Ken- Boettcher Mansion- July 3rd Wedding

I am a complete failure at blogging, but I am determined to blog all my weddings! And honestly I have been so excited to share the images from Ken & Heather's wedding! D and I have had such a fantastic time getting to know these two and their wonderful family and I don't know if we've ever laughed with a couple as much as we did with Heather & Ken.

There day started out like most weddings. Everyone was getting all spiffed up, lookin sharp, and then it was time to start! Heather & Ken walked down the aisle together with Ken's son, Braedon & daughter, Sabrina, to meet their guests at the gazebo at Boettcher Mansion.

I love this image I caught of Sabrina. This was at the mention of "lots of love" during the ceremony and she made this "Ewww" face. haha
The ceremony was so cute and intimate with their close friends & family gathered around the inside & outside of the gazebo.
Everyone was, of course, watching Heather & Ken, but this little one just wanted to watch D as he was taking pictures. Isn't she adorable?
Ken's mom was so cute, I think she tried to always look like she wasn't crying when she saw me snapping pictures, but I'm sneaky. ;)
D took this shot of Ken & his daughter after the ceremony and I just love it. Ken's sister is in the upper right hand corner and she is just looking at the two of them so sweetly. There is just so much emotion in her expression.
We took a few minutes to ourselves after the ceremony to take a stroll around the mansion & the grounds. It was amazing that they were the only wedding at the mansion that day, so we had the whole place to ourselves! We had such a good time just walking around & enjoying a bit of quiet time with them. Heather & Ken have told me that this was their favorite part of the day. Taking a little time with just the two of them & allowing them to really take in the fact that they were now husband & wife.
Another great shot from D.
These two are just adorable. I mean absolutely, stinkin, seriously adorable. They are so in love with each other, that you can't help but get pulled into their unveiled joy.
At one point while we were in between shots, I looked up & caught Heather & Ken peeking down & admiring their new rings. I just love this series & I especially love the look in Heather's eyes in the second image as she looks at Ken. So much love there.
Doesn't Heather look amazing?! I love this shot! Oh, and so does Ken. hahah He was rendered completely speechless as it came up on the screen during their viewing party. ;)
Ken's a good looking guy himself!
Sabrina cracks me up. She is super sweet and quiet one second and the next? Well... you get the idea. hahaha.
Sabrina, again, being well... hilarious.
The kids were so excited to try the cake, that as soon as they had their first taste, the kids lined up to each get a bite right away.
We had a little rain during the reception, but the storm cleared away quickly in typical Colorado fashion. But as the sun went down, the light was amazing so I snagged the bride & groom away for just a few more pictures.It was an absolutely beautiful night so D & I went across the street to the lookout point when we were finished to enjoy the city lights & watch a few tiny fireworks shows off in the distance. Big huge congratulations to Heather & Ken! The 4 of us are going to have to get together again soon cause we have too much fun together! Thanks again for letting us be a part of your special day.